Growing an Avocado Tree From an Avocado Seed

Hello Lovelies,

Fruit trees are amazing!  Especially, avocados.  I must say they taste a lot better than store bought and who can afford to eat solely organic?  It gets pricey.  No matter how you look at it, growing your own is best and it is so easy too. Simply save your seeds!

You Will Need:

  • One avocado seed
  • Small glass jar or glass
  • 3 tooth picks
  • Moderate sunlight
  • Water

You will need to first eat an avocado! I used organic so get the best seed. Save the seed and wash it really well, making sure to get off all the flesh. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel.  That brown skin around the seed needs to come off.  Using your nails or a knife, peel back the skin. It isn’t so easy to get off so a little bit will not hurt.  Next, locate the bottom which looks like a pucker or faint circle with a teensie nub in the middle.  This side you want submerged in the water as that is where the roots will come out.  Place 3 toothpicks to make a holder for the seed on top of the glass as seen below.

Avocado’s take a long time to root. Around day 10-14 the seed will start to crack.  Within this crack a small root will form from the center of the seed.  Around day 20-22, the root is seen growing from the bottom of the seed.

I mentioned day ranges because I started four different seeds at one time. Depending on the size of the seed, growth will differ. One of the seeds was rather small at around 1/2 inch in diameter did not do so well.  The bigger the seed, the better.

Day 1 May 1, 2017


Day 31 June 1, 2017

It will take about 80 days or so to fully develop good roots before it is able to be transplanted into soil.  The colder the climate, the longer it may take as plants tend to slow down in colder weather.  Be sure to always keep the bottom of the seed submerged in water until it is ready to plant.  You can also replace the water when it starts to look cloudy.

I will post more pictures as the seed grows!  Stay Tuned…

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