My Grocery Strategy

I often read articles that boast on using different grocery stores. I think it is a waste of gas unless they are close to one another. I typically use just three all within 4 miles and I make a big circle.

-Tom Thumb which happens to be behind my house but too expensive for me to buy most items. They DO offer a clearance meat and deli section which I can most often find items at 50% off. I just quickly bring home if close to expiration date and freeze immediately. I find great deals on steaks, turkey, ground beef, deli items such as potato salad, ready-made salads, and cheeses.  I have a rewards card as well.  I get emails and coupons for $5 off my next purchase which is amazing with their clearance section.

-Aldi which I’ve fallen head over heels for! I buy majority of my groceries here including wine. I cannot use coupons, but I think most of their items are comparable to name brands. I also like the fact that their produce and most dairy doesn’t last long. WHY?! because it doesn’t contain additional preservatives or wax to aid in preservation. This saves them money and the savings passed on to the consumer.  So they are more in their natural state than if I went to Wal-Mart or Kroger. But because of this, especially with fruits and veggies, they only last a few days which is fine by me!

-El Rancho is a Mexican market and AWESOME!!! With my ex husband being Mexican my eyes were opened to both El Rancho and Fiesta. Both have incredible buys on produce and latino named items. Why buy bouillon, rice, beans, hot sauce in a name brand when Goya or off brand is less expensive?  I often spend much much less buying my perishables here.

  • Oranges often 15/$1
  • cantaloupe 2/$1
  • pineapple $1.99 each
  • avocado’s 6/$1
  • Limes 20/$1
  • Cilantro 4 bunches/$1

Just to name a few.  Rice, beans, toilet paper, 85% ground beef, and some pork I also buy here if it beats the flyer at Aldi that week.

So try going to international markets and mix it up.  Mexican ones especially if you are near the Mexican border in the Southern US.  The produce doesn’t have to travel far and its more affordable.  I can also save money in their housewares aisle on candles, utensils, plastic bowls, and hand soap without having to make an extra trip to the Dollar Tree.

Fiesta offers a recipe in their monthly flyer as well!!  So make sure you sign up for it!

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