36 Clever Ways to Pinch Pennies


  1. Lower water heater from a standard 140-150 degrees to 115-120 degrees
  2. Turn off extra rinse cycle while washing clothes
  3. Turn off heated dry on the dishwasher.  I wash at night, open the door, pull out the first tray and let air dry overnight.
  4. I make my own laundry detergent
  5. I make all my own household cleaners
  6. I love to cook! I grow my own herbs
  7. I sprout certain veggies like scallions, and celery.  Just save the ends, pop in an inch of water and in days they regrow!
  8. I unplug everything except my big tv
  9. I keep my thermostat at 85 when I am not home and keep both bedroom doors closed
  10. I have dark curtains so my home stays cooler during the summer
  11. I use used dryer sheets to dust
  12. I reuse grocery bags, onion bags, bread bags, and cereal bags
  13. I save condiments and silverware from takeout in case I run out of something
  14. If I go to a fast food place I will always grab extra sauces and ketchup which are great for my son’s school lunches or food on the go
  15. I have a 6 light vanity in my bathroom.  I took out all bulbs except one.  Who needs all that light?  you pay for it!
  16. I have soda bottles in both toilet tanks to displace the water and lower my consumption when flushing.
  17. I reuse containers such as butter, cottage cheese, or sauce/pickle jars.  They make excellent makeshift Tupperware
  18. I have a change jar that my son likes to cash in for treats like the $1 theater or ice cream.  It’s mainly always pennies we find and save
  19. I use money-saving apps on my phone
  20. I make butter
  21. I make yogurt
  22. I make cheese
  23. I make granola
  24. I make fabreeze
  25. I keep my heat low in the winter around 65 and will use a small office space heater and put in front of the couch or where we are laying.  It heats up my entire livingroom and all I do is shut doors.  I live in 890sqft so this works!
  26. I shop garage sales, flea markets, and Goodwill.  My favs are also Marshalls and Ross
  27. I coupon for everything!
  28. I watch my gas consumption
  29. I always shop my services.  I pay for internet and electricity.  I will call every quarter especially around the new year and ask if there are lower rates in my area or any promotions I qualify for.  They won’t offer the information, you have to ask.
  30. I live by a budget which is in 2 parts as I get paid twice a month.  I use MINT.com for my financial needs
  31. My sons on medicine for ADHD so I looked for an online coupon or manufacturers coupon to cut the cost.  I make too much money to qualify for free drug through a manufacturer or any assistance programs.  By using such a coupon without using my insurance makes his medicine $77 versus $149 going through my insurance.
  32. I dont have cable!  I use Netflix instead.
  33. I search online for free Redbox promo codes, so often I get free movies before they are released to Netflix.
  34. I use a dollar movie theater with second run movies.  These movies are in this theater after their time has run out of the major theaters.  You wait a month or two longer, but it is worth saving the $10-$12/person. Their mattinee is $1.60/person or $1 on Tuesdays.
  35. I take advantage of free breakfasts at the end of the school year.  Often times schools will over purchase food based on the number of students enrolled.  But this doesn’t mean students will purchase especially seeming its almost the cost of lunch.  After January, the schools have all this overage so they offer free breakfast to get rid of their excess.  This saves on my grocery bills as my son can eat breakfast at school
  36. I belong to every free rewards card, email list for restaurants, or mailing lists for stores.  I always get coupons, free appetizers, free food or dessert, and even coupons you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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