Saturday Ramblings….

Hello Mama’s, Well, I didn’t wake up as early as I’d liked, but I did wake up around 10:00am.  I got a lot done today considering I am exhausted after a horrendous work week. My fiance left about a week and a half ago for work and will be gone most likely until the end of April so there hasn’t been much spring in my step lately. But  I got up, went to the Post Office, then to Dunkins, then back home.  I wasn’t out that long, but it was enough to wake me up.  I putted around the house all day long.  I never have a game plan, I go with the flow, dilly dallying, going from one project to the next in some kind of organized chaos.  I’m exhausting to watch Ive been told.  But hey!!  I getter done! My small garden is coming along nicely.  My leaves however on my cabbage and lettuces are awfully wholly.  I’m NOT happy about that.  I do see some small buds growing on my pepper plants so that is most exciting. image My rose bush is so beautiful!  It came with the house and I was unsure what color it would be.  I never thought I’d like roses because I have always hated them.  To me a red rose means… “honey, I fucked up. But here’s a rose.”  Surprisingly, I love my roses. image Here is a few views from my kitchen window. image image image We mowed the lawn both backyard and front yard, trimmed what the mower didn’t touch, cleaned the whole house, did laundry, marinated some pork ribs for tomorrow’s dinner, filed, did my budget, organized and re-organized my home management binder, went through bills, paid bills, and now reading and blogging with a hot cup of coffee. Life today, is truly splendid. Join me tomorrow as I make homemade fresh artisan bread and more laundry detergent! Pics to come! image

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