My Genius Idea Today…

So I decided on a whim while strolling through Dollar Tree today that it would be a genius idea to do a fantastic little project today!!  I think I was hallucinating because let’s face it, I’m not very crafty in fact I hate this kind of thing.  I’m not the crafty, artsy type at all!  But I bought it with good intentions.  This was the end result.

  • 1 Foam Ring
  • 1 bunch ivory roses
  • 1 bunch red carnations
  • 2 bunches lime green daisies
  • 3 bunches of berry like lookin things LOL in green, red, and lavender

I put the lavender because I didn’t want it looking Christimasy.  I’m not sure I like it,  In fact, it didn’t come out as I had it in my head, but we will see if it grows on me.  I hope it does because I did pay $8 total which isn’t bad.

Oh well, I tried. LOL!

3 thoughts on “My Genius Idea Today…

  1. This looks like a great project to do on the cheap! Another reason to love The Dollar Tree! 🙂


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