Blog Name Change & New Series

Hello Lovelies,

I finally changed the name of my blog.  I’m getting a lot more time lately now that I have my home in order, a new planning process, and life is getting on that road to boredom LOL!  Things are slowing down and it’s quite nice.  I wanted to change the name primarily because I’m not single any longer, but I wanted to reach a broader audience.  While my support for a single mother and the power of a woman view will never ever change, it was just time. Same site, just a different name.  I think its more fitting.

Old Name: Single Mama, One Income

New Name: the Life of a Frugal Wife

I have new posts in the works for Frugal Fridays and will be doing a series that is really important to me.  I’m calling this series Mom, Inc. It focuses on the power of a woman in the home, the struggles, the chaos, and the overwhelming feeling she can have by wearing many hats at once.  Honestly, you can ask babydoll, my husband.  I run my home like a BOSS!  I’m the CEO of our home and I’m very business oriented.  It runs like a business. That is how my mind works and that is how I keep my sanity.  Here’s a sneak peek!

Mom Inc.

Everything you need to run a successful business, you need to run your home.  I run my home…like a BOSS!  I’m CEO of our humble abode and I’m damn proud of it.  It doesn’t run flawlessly, no business does.  But by using certain aspects, our family runs more efficiently.  I’m a woman actually works inside my home (I’m employed), a mother of an ADHD/ODD teenager, a wife to a husband who works across country, a step-mother, soccer mom, and a writer. In other words, I’m the CEO, Executive Admin, HR, Accounting, Production, and Maintenance departments all in one.  Businesses cannot run by the seat of their pants and expect to make money and save money.  Neither does your home. 

I will be posting in this series starting April 4th.  Be sure to check back every Monday for Mom, Inc. 

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