Good Ole Pen & Paper! Bi-Weekly Budget Printable

Hello Lovelies,

One of my home management binder inserts is a printable that I created.  In searching for free printables online I found they are set up for one income households or households that are paid weekly. In my home, it is bi-weekly.  I use a budget printable daily!  I swear by it. I use this in conjunction with my Horacio Life Planner (review coming soon).  For those that budget this is a great solution.  I do not use bill pay through my bank and nothing comes out automatically except Netflix/Hulu. Everything is paid by me, by hand. This allows me to have full control of our money.


  • A monthly overview of every expense or bills coming up
  • A monthly tally of expenses.  As bills come in I fill in the due date and amount due. At the end of the month, I add it all up and what is ever left over I pop into savings and start fresh the next month.
  • A look at how our bills are paid.  If it is with a money order then I can write in my planner before the due date to go to the bank.  It keeps me in the know as the due date approaches.
  • At the end of the month I’ll know if I’ve missed anything versus logging into accounts or looking at online banking. If something wasn’t budgeted and if something comes up…I know if we have enough leftover to pay for it.

Check them out and print if you’d like! 

screenshot_2016-03-24-12-50-02-1.pngBi-Weekly Monthly Budget

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