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Hello Lovelies,  

I hope everyone is having an incredible summer. The heat is definitely here in North Dallas so I try to keep my outside chores to a minimum. But that definately doesn’t stop me inside. My son is traveling as he does every summer and babydoll is working super hard as usual. This leaves me…bored!! When mama is bored, she cleans lol I’m not kidding. Tonight, I thought I’d give my pantry an overhaul by organizing, cleaning, and purging. We’ve actually been doing quite well with our pantry stock although we have a ways to go before we have the food storage we need so it is a work in progress. However, I rarely have to run to the store for oddball items because I can work off what I have which is nice.  

I reused a couple plastic bins I purchased from the Dollar Tree, chalkboard labels also from the Dollar Tree, and pint sized canning jars. Now, I do can our food basics like veggies, chicken, jams, sauces, stock, beans, and fruit butters, but canning jars are also perfect for storage for things like dried beans, nuts, flours, and rice. 

By combining like items in baskets things are found much more easily. It also gives those items a place making putting things away more efficient. I don’t have to waste time trying to find what I need and neither does the family. I have categories such as pasta, rice, snacks, storage items like plastic bags/tinfoil, and mixes. Plus it looks pretty 😉

I have quite a few cookbooks that I’ve either gotten as a gift, been passed down from my grandparents,  or that my mother made for me that contains all her family recipes from both sides of my family. They look much better organized and are more easily accessible. 

Outside our pantry: 

We purchased food grade storage bins to hold our 25lb bags of sugar and flour. Buying food grade containers is so important so be sure to check your buckets, bins, and containers. 

Canning jars are fantastic for bulk spice storage. I’ve added to my collection so some spices are not labeled. I think I have enough 😊

And the final result…

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