Garden Update & Canning

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Sunday! Babydoll leaves out this afternoon so today’s my cleaning day. My garden is looking super sad but it’s surprising me. We planted mid February which was a mistake because we had two frosts and what felt like a typhoon of rain. I wrote about our rain issue in a previous garden update.  I lost almost everything.  A week or so ago I realized, maybe not! We’ve had really great weather which probably helped.


My strawberries keep growing the berries but the plants are the same size as they were in February.


“I think” this is my cherry tomato plant which shocked me when I first saw it. It’s blooming with flowers and 4 tomatoes.


Cabbage mystery! I don’t know where this came from, but I did plant some last year. Hmmmm.


I have 7 onions which made it through the floods lol. They are about tennis ball size if not a little smaller. Yay!

Despite my gardening failures, I’m pretty happy. I even got some canning done. I made more chicken stock because my last batch was made in January and I’m already out. I had some sweet potatoes and leftover blackberries too so I canned the potatoes and made blackberry preserves. 



Now I’m relaxing on my patio watching in amazement the conversation happening from every rooftop near me and on my fence. Haha!


What is everyone else up too on this beautiful Sunday?

North Dallas is gorgeous and sunny 82 degrees.

4 thoughts on “Garden Update & Canning

  1. I spent my Sunday with a cup of coffee, taking stock of how much my life has changed, in a good way, in the last year. It was a day for an “Attitude of Gratitude” for me.

    We had beautiful weather in Upstate, SC yesterday, too.

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  2. I’m so jealous of all of the space you have in your garden! It’s wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to grow your own food. What a great blog! Looking forward to reading more.


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