Frugal Friday’s: Re-use and Re-decorate

Hello Lovelies,

I often choose to redecorate for a change of scenery.  It makes my home feel new, clean, and often give the same feeling had I purchased something new.  When I want to change a layout or decor, I simply go shopping.  But not shopping outside the home, I shop inside the home.  We all have those closets or garages that are filled with things we don’t use any more or that are old and outdated.  There are a lot of layout ideas available online and on Pinterest.  Play around and have fun!  With a little sprucing up, fresh paint or hardware, and reusing items in a different way you can have a brand new room for FREE! Get creative!

My living room before


My living room after


My home office before


My home office after


Please leave a comment, suggestion, or something inspiring!

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